Dan’s Mulled Wine ft. Wangolina Lagrein

The air is brisk, the dooners are spread around the living room, fireplace smoke gloriously taints the air, it’s time for Mulled Wine! This recipe was developed during Melbourne lockdown, and proudly can be said to be an adequate substitute for friends. But as Dan discovered, the company of good friends elevates the enjoyment & […]

Bonney Upwelling

What is it? How does it influence our local environment? Every year, in the last days of December right through until as late as May – a mysterious, unique and regular occurrence features off of our local coast. What is the Bonney Upwelling? Bonney Upwelling begins as a system of November south-easterly winds, carrying cold […]

#V23 Wrap up

In a vintage marked across Australia for its delays, we managed to find the eye-of-the-needle silver lining.

Alternative April

Wine Club

Our obsession with alternative varieties began in 2011 when Anita managed to get her hands on some tasty Tempranillo from Mundulla. Since then, we haven’t looked back… developing a repute for our passion for alternative wine varieties.

Adult Easter Treats

When it comes to Easter, we know you’re going to indulge… because we are too! But when it comes to the perfect chocolate and wine combination, we promise you can do better than a Cadburys Milk Chocolate Egg, don’t @ us, we said what we said. Keep the Cadburys for the kids and treat yourself to something a little more decadent.

Summer Lovin’

Cellar Door

Summer – when the Limestone Coast comes to life! It’s a vibe, the locals are out and about enjoying the beaches, the tourists come to visit and we see so many smiling faces around the place. There’s events galore, kids running around covered in icecream and of course for us older kids, fabulous food and wine.

Life in the Vines

Growing season has been a challenge with La Nina upon us, and while we are not facing the worst of the conditions, it is still one of the most difficult growing seasons the Australian wine industry has seen in over 20 years.