When it comes to Easter, we know you’re going to indulge… because we are too! But when it comes to the perfect chocolate and wine combination, we promise you can do better than a Cadburys Milk Chocolate Egg, don’t @ us, we said what we said. Keep the Cadburys for the kids and treat yourself to something a little more decadent.

So, we’d like to kick it up a notch, think premium local produce, a penchant for a handmade touch, and a chocolate seeking sweet tooth… It’s Adelaide’s own The Sugar Man. The Sugar Man’s chocolate collection has been carefully curated, featuring imaginative flavour & texture profiles, paired with premium French couverture chocolate.

We’ve done the hard work for you and found the perfect pairing from our range and The Sugar Man:

Fairy Bread White Chocolate & 2022 Moscato

Ah Fairy Bread, everyone’s favourite birthday party snack, now in chocolate form! This delectable treat calls for the 2022 Moscato. Its light, refreshing sweetness complements the creaminess of the white chocolate, while that cutting acidity cleans it up nicely. If you’re feeling adventurous, the richer texture of the choccy could also go well with the 2022 Pinot Gris.

Single Origin 46% Dominican Republic Milk Chocolate & 2022 Mencia (soon to be released)

The Single Origin 46% Milk Chocolate has a rich milk flavour, intense cocoa with secondary notes of toasted cereal and ripe fruit, this chocolate pairs phenomenally well with our newly released 2022 Mencia. Normally a savoury variety, this vintage is bright, showing oodles of red medicinal cherry to side the chocolate well, and tannins are wonderfully soft to complement the graceful finish.

Single Origin 72% Venezuela Dark & 2018 Spectrum Syrah and/or 2019 Originals Cabernet

For the lovers of dark bold flavours out there, we recommend pairing the 2018 Spectrum Syrah or 2019 Originals Cabernet with the 72% Venezuelan Dark Chocolate. The Syrah’s bold fruit flavours and peppery notes complement the chocolate’s bitterness, while the Cabernet’s tannins cut through the richness of the chocolate and create a smooth, balanced pairing.

As another Easter treat, guess what?…. Events are back at Wangolina, starting with Easter festivities. Heading this way for the long, long weekend, make sure you pop in to our event on Easter Saturday, or if you’re driving through the Limestone Coast, drop for a glass of wine, a nibble, stretch your legs, or let the kids burn some energy running around on the lawn. Wangolina is your oyster.

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