Summer – when the Limestone Coast comes to life! It’s a vibe, the locals are out and about enjoying the beaches, the tourists come to visit and we see so many smiling faces around the place. There’s events galore, kids running around covered in icecream and of course for us older kids, fabulous food and wine.

Now that the sun has finally come to the party, it’s time to pull out some of our summer favourites. If you know Wangolina, then you know that we love a good “Savvy-B”. Sauvignon Blanc is a classic varietal, and is a stable in our wine range. We are spoiled here on the Limestone Coast, with the maritime climate bringing that perfect mix of tropical fruit, crispy acid and zesty citrus that we love in a good Sauv. Another great part of calling the Limestone Coast home, is that we have access to the freshest seafood. Even better, it is superb with each of our Sauvingnon Blancs! That’s right Sandy-D (RIP Olivia Newton-John) and Danny Zukko, we’ve found a replacement duo for Summer Lovin’.

It’s cocktail season

What’s better in summer, than sitting out, enjoying the sun, soaking up some Vit-D and indulging yourself in a refreshing cocktail. Most people think spirits… but we’re wine-o’s here at Wangolina, so we like to mix-it-up (pun intended) by adding in some of our favourite wines into the concoction.

Purple Chambo

You can’t think purple without thinking of Anita… This simple, vibrant mix is sure to delight the tastebuds. It’s refreshing, delicious and puts a smile on your dial.


·     30mL Chambord (or any other raspberry liquor)

·     Birds of a Feather Prosecco

·     Fresh blueberries

·     Fresh raspberries


·     Grab your nearest champagne glass

·     Pour in the Chambord

·     Slowly pour in your Prosecco

·     Top with raspberries and blueberries

·     Grab a sunny deck chair and sit on It

Let’s Get Spritz-i-col

Our take on a classic Aperol Spritz, but removing the bitter with more ‘good time’.


·     100mL Aperol

·     150mL Limestone Coast Moscato

·     Splash of Soda water

·     Fresh orange

·     Ice cubes


·     Place ice cubes in a large wine glass (or cocktail glass)

·     Pour in Aperol

·     Pour in Moscato

·     Top with Soda water

·     Garnish with a fresh orange slice, or just the zest (for those who like it wacky)

·     Best enjoyed down at the beach, with sand between your toes.

Giant Crayfish Sour

Don’t let the name fool you, a classic Big Apple (New York) Sour with a Wangolina twist.


·     30mL Bourbon Whiskey

·     15mL lemon juice

·     15mL sugar syrup (sugar and water, boiled and cooled into a syrup)

·     1 x egg white

·     30mL A Series Tempranillo

·     Ice cubes


·     Combine Burbon, lemon joice, syrup, a couple of cubes of ice and egg white into a cocktail shaker

·     “Shake it like a polaroid picture” until all ingredients are well chilled

·     Stain into a rocks glass over fresh ice cubes

·     Slowly pour the red wine over the top

·     Play your favourite Aussie tunes, sit back and sip away.

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