Good ol’ Valentine’s Day, the day of celebrating you and your love, a match made in heaven, two peas in a pod, the salt to your pepper, birds of a feather… You get the gist. We agree, it’s about celebrating the perfect pair but with a slight twist for us… we like to celebrate the perfect wine and food pairing. While most people like to pair wine they tend to go straight for the cheese, right? Or a hearty Shiraz with a nice steak, bubbles and oysters, Sauv Blanc and seafood. Well, we like to think a bit differently here at Wangolina, and we like to pair our delicious drops, with the classic potato chip. Whether you call them chips, crisps or pommes chips (po-tay-to, poh-tah-to), you’ve likely found yourself with an empty bag, ready to open the next packet, right? But did you know, they can pair perfectly with a good glass of wine? For those of you who haven’t dropped in at our Cellar Door and tried our new Cellar Door Chip ‘n Sip experience, trust us, wine and chips were made for each other. Simplicity in its purest, most joyous form. Here are our perfect pairs:

·     2022 Limestone Coast Sauvignon Blanc, paired with Smith’s Salt ‘n Vinegar (SA)

·     2022 Originals Semillon, paired with Red Rock Deli Roast Chicken, Sage & Butter  (VIC)

·     2021 Limestone Coast Shiraz Cabernet, paired Boulder Canyon Hickory (USA)

·     2021 A Series Lagrein, paired with Proper Crisps Rosemary & Thyme (Vic)

Try these at home or drop into our Cellar Door and say hi.

For those romantics out there, who are looking for a nice bottle of wine to treat their loved ones (and maybe something a little more substantial than chips for your date breakky/day/night) look no further, here is our Wangolina wine gift guide:

For the sweetheart with a sophisticated sweet tooth

2022 Limestone Coast Moscato – apple blossom, lime and crunchy apricots with a nice sherbet bomb. Perfect for brekky in bed with delicious buttery pastries, or with meringue with fresh berries.

For the semi wine-o

2022 Originals Semillon – crunchy and vibrant with natural acidity, it indulges your senses with a burst of ripe lemon, custard apple and hints of dry straw. Perfect with seafood risotto, beside a view. Delish!

Life is a caber-net together

2019 Originals Cabernet – a modern style of cabernet, perfect to split between two while sharing a roast. This wine has a sense of elegance and grace with plenty of dark fruits showing (think black cherry, plums and black currant) with wonderfully ingrained tannins beneath a blanket of luscious fruit. Delicious with beef – if you’re going all out, it’s wagyu steak, 😍.

A gift that is off the spectrum

2018 Spectrum Syrah – the finest Syrah/Shiraz from Wangolina. Produced only in outstanding vintage years, and curated in French Oak, our Spectrum has a rich intensity of brooding dark fruit and bramble characters, with black plum and coffee overtones. You could pair this with some decadent dark chocolate brownies and fresh raspberries. There are no limits to the hearty dinners this will pair with, otherwise this is our choice for snuggling on the sofa with a block of chocolate.

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